Church Desktop Icon


Instructions to create the Church desktop icon (for windows):
  1. Click Church Icon. Choose “Folders” –> “Desktop” then press “Save”. If the “Save As” dialog box does not appear and download completes automatically, retrieve the icon from your browser’s default location in Step 4.
  2. Right-click “Icon” (zipped) on the desktop then choose “Extract All” and press “Extract” when new dialog box appears.
  3. Drag Church Publishing to the computer’s desktop.
  4. Right click “Church Publishing” and choose “Properties.” From Web Document tab (automatic) press “Change Icon.” Once dialog box appears press “Browse.” Select “Folders” –> “Desktop” from Step 1 then scroll until finding folder named “Icon.” Double-click “Icon” then click “Church Button” and press “Open.” Press “Okay.” Press “Apply.” Press “Okay” again. Enjoy!

The Church Publishing shortcut on your computer’s desktop should now look like this.

Church Button

Church Publishing

Double-click your desktop icon to visit anytime!

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