Author Cosmo Starlight

Cosmo Starlight is a humanist and a naturalist who began to write after conceiving Church, The Television Show. The original web series depicts Noodle Church leading up to the character’s incarceration and it’s still available free using any HTML reading device.

Starlight’s debut novel Freedom Incorporated contrasts freedom versus power. The author’s lens is dichotomy of positive and negative; in all, themes of Starlight’s work that lens is applied to include economics, political organization, metaphysics, and alternate history. This author’s subjects are governments, markets, community networks, the people and more.

Starlight’s sequel to Freedom Incorporated, also named freedom, Freedom Afrika is titled after that continent renowned for freedom and adventure plus their associated dangers. Freedom Afrika follows protagonist Noodle Church from his escape out of prison in “Freedom Incorporated” to independence.

Author Cosmo Starlight strongly believes societies united in opposition to weaponized conflict shine as beacons of freedom that lead Earth and he suggests forging mechanisms that preserve justice in advance of discord into the bedrock society is built on. Cosmo Starlight resides in remote terrain but pops up once per year to publish. When idle, he relates basic human values to cultures of people predating centuries of Western history. This author’s objective is to discover universal truth. He hopes that truth will unite the world as one.

2nd cover of "Freedom Incorporated"
2nd cover of "Freedom Afrika"
Noodle Church responds to 9/11