Acquiring complete manuscripts. Criteria for completed manuscripts are themes must help the world, plots must be rooted in reality, authors must guard their sources, and stories must have a moral solution humanity can use to ascend. Click WRITE to submit a description of your most revered book today.

Other Positions

Church seeks freelance market representation. In addition to print, web, and video the company is especially excited to meet one astounding copy-editor.

Church will work on developing the right copy-editor’s career toward full fledged editor, a position needing demonstrated full-length manuscript editing for a top-ten publisher, but any correspondent new to the field or an undergraduate having HTML and graphics skills can apply.

Additional skills not required to put a young copy-editor over the top are abilities to type one-hundred words per minute, proficiency in more than one language, C-support level written/oral communication, professional customer service, a gift for accurate research, and capacity to succeed on social media.

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