Church Publishing is an independent eBook house inspired by Noodle Church, the fictional superhero who teamed with aliens to end the global war on terror then lay framework for World Peace on Earth. Church Publishing aims to market stories that help people build better, more productive societies.

Founded in 2011 when Church joined forces with author Cosmo Starlight, creator of Noodle Church, to produce serial Church, The Television Show, after publishing Starlight’s first novel Freedom Incorporated in 2012 it since published its second author Ethan Collins in 2013. In 2014 the company began publishing non-fiction with White Papers: On Security and The 50 States’ Departments of Corrections.

In 2015 Church again expanded formats, genres, and distribution. It published Freedom Afrika and began working on juvenile literature. Ethan Collins’ second novel Do Not Mix with Alcohol is still in its pipeline and the company hopes to include even more authors in 2020. It’s currently accepting new author submissions so bookmark this website and check it often!

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