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On Security rev.2 Feb. 02, 2015

The question what is security may appear simple but answers will keep Church readers, academics, and reporters thinking throughout this 11-paged investigation. This paper’s 2-paged conclusion makes politicians realize terrorism is not new, police began getting paid by governments in 1800, and $60 billion is too grand for a new Cabinet neither providing global security nor doing great police work- Homeland Security.

White paper On Security and the 50 States’ Departments of Corrections includes an additional 4-paged insert detailing U.S. expenditure on Corrections because prison is a form of security. This report may be noted by U.S. Department of Justice Officials, non-profits applying research to practice in criminal justice, and Congressional policy makers controlling purse-stings. To download or to print On Security including 50 States’ Departments of Corrections republished February 02, 2015, or to read this research onscreen, enter you email.

You can also view white paper On Security‘s printable, duplex Fact Sheet highlighting this research, or read updates on Church Publishing’s related 2014-IAFO-0246 request for information about Pursuit Lead Cables.

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