Author Ethan Collins

Ethan Collins works as a pilot for a national air carrier. The pilot resides in Arizona with his wife plus two children, Jack and Stacy. Once per month during summer Ethan flies Jack to their favorite beach in California. When not in the cockpit Ethan has a passion for writing. Collins writes stories hinging on difficult relationships. The Diamond Party is this author’s second novel but his first published by Church.

Writing a hobby, the marginalized pen lolls below Collins’ busy work-travel schedule and love of family. His on-again/off-again masterpiece Do Not Mix with Alcohol was going to be his only novel. But, as pilots train to be meticulous planners, Ethan has plotted a third children’s book set in West Africa to complete in time for his daughter Stacy’s kids to enjoy.

Collins was discovered after author Cosmo Starlight read the pilot’s short stories on a transatlantic flight, promising to forward them to Church Publishing. The Diamond Party began as one of those stories but evolved into a novel about boys who take advantage of girls, men who leverage goodwill, and a society dependent upon evil to get things done. When asked for his magnum opus Collins answers it was courtship with his wife, a nutritionist.

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