Freedom Ink

Freedom Incorporated by Cosmo Starlight

Freedom Inc. by Starlight. ISBN # 9781301329083

Freedom has become a labor camp. Cameras, cyber surveillance, and clandestine security contain truth as free-citizens engineer systems to restrict children inside a police state. Set in 2042, society’s day-wardens fight those managing the Corporation at night while super-wardens expand their government.

Prisoner Noodle Church doesn’t mind working in Freedom Incorporated. Yet refusal to call it freedom lands Noodle in Freedom Inc.’s medium-security ward where day-wardens pressure him to reveal work at night. And when Noodle exercises his right to remain silent, because living in Freedom is easier that way, super-wardens take the hero for interrogation.

A beacon of freedom in day and night wardens’ bi-polar war for power, Noodle is moved to high-security but before getting locked-up in a super-max facility wardens offer a deal. Noodle can work in Freedom’s low-security ward if he pleads insanity then testifies clandestine security caught pursuing were a figment of his imagination.

Noodle refuses to call this freedom! Night-shift wardens try murdering him then day-shift wardens place Noodle in solitary confinement. From here his character writes the prisoners of Freedom Incorporated, asking for freedom to lead without bombs, bullets, powders, or policemen.

ISBN # 9781301329083

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