Pursuit Lead Cables

What is a U.S. Pursuit Lead Cable?

Though mentioned within Homeland Security’s fiscal year 2014 “Budget in Brief” as one of the Department’s FY12 accomplishments it is impossible to find any other mentioning of Pursuit Lead Cable beyond what’s been published by ▲Church.  In fact U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), a component of Analysis and Operations granted $302,268,000 by U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama for fiscal year 2015, reported it developed this activity referenced as Pursuit Cable and Pursuit Lead Cable in separate documents. Continue reading

Latest Starlight novel now on iBookstore shelves

Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight has now been added to the  iBookstore in advance of his novel’s July 11 release. Jump to: Spoiler, Confidential, News.

Cosmo Starlight's latest novel "Freedom Afrika"

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Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight Plot Spoiler Alert!

Noodle Church escapes Freedom Incorporated, Earth’s first low-security work-camp with bombs, bullets, powders, and policemen to control society. In Freedom Afrika‘s synopsis posted on the iBookstore it’s revealed African’s believe people need food, water, shelter, and love to live. Those are all Noodle needed to thrive.

After reading Starlight’s latest novel readers learn policemen really did shoot and kill a small boy. Readers also discover policemen shot the boy after his neighborhood didn’t go to school. And astute readers may even figure out how much of Freedom Afrika is a true story plus which historical figure was really imprisoned after protesting his Nation’s education system. Curious of mind, experienced, or saints may gift Freedom Afrika written by Cosmo Starlight so their friends can discover the truth too.

Church Publishing company reveals previously confidential information:

True to Church’s roots, this photograph posted on the website’s header got snapped along the African coast by someone working for Church . Writer Cosmo Starlight says food, water, shelter, and love are all the people need to lead happy and productive lives but don’t allow this cropped photo to give away all his information, download Cosmo Starlight’s latest novel Freedom Afrika from Apple’s iBookstore today!

Freedom Afrika

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[schema type=”product” url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/freedom-afrika/id880256155?mt=11&uo=4&at=10lGBI” target=”_blank” name=”Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight” description=”In Freedom Afrika Noodle Church escapes the solitary confinement ward to live among people who stand against bombs, bullets, powders, and policemen.” brand=”Church Publishing” model=”First Edition” prod_id=”ISBN# 9781310833755″ price=”$4.49″ condition=”New”]

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