Cosmo Starlight’s sequel “Freedom Afrika” pulled.

Cosmo Starlight’s sequel Freedom Afrika has been pulled from global eBook store shelves today, July 11th, on the day of this author’s international release. Church Publishing is aware of the recall and pledges to update fans of Starlight’s on the most recent development as soon as practicable.

Pre-ordered copies of Freedom Afrika will be refunded by ▲Church and its international retail partners. For any customers who did not pre-order a copy of Freedom Afrika excitedly awaiting the sequel’s arrival please accept this coupon for an original in this author’s “Freedom Series” titled Freedom Incorporated while Church Publishing tends to a serious and complex legal matter arising after unbecoming conduct by police.

To match the pre-release price of Cosmo Starlight’s sequel, Freedom Incorporated is proudly being offered for 53% off list @ $4.49! Click and enter coupon code WY64S at checkout. This offer has been validated for two months while ▲Church Publishing resolves its lawsuit by every means necessary and will expire on September 11th, 2014.  Enjoy North America’s summer!


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