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Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight, in advance of this novel’s July 11 release, has been added to iBooks. Jump to: Spoiler, Confidential, News.

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Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight ISBN #9781310833755

Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight Spoiler Alert!

Noodle Church escapes Freedom Incorporated, Earth’s first low-security work-camp organized with bombs, bullets, powders, and policemen. Freedom Afrika‘s synopsis on iBooks reveals African’s are organized around food, water, shelter, and love. Those things are all Noodle needed!

From Freedom Afrika readers learn policemen really did shoot and kill a small boy after his neighborhood didn’t go to school. Astute readers may even decipher which parts of Freedom Afrika are true and which President was imprisoned for protesting his education. Curious of mind, experienced, or saints may gift Freedom Afrika so friends can discover the truth too.

Church reveals previously confidential information:

To its roots, this photograph serving as Church Publishing’s header got shot along the African coast. Cosmo Starlight says food, water, shelter, and love are all the people need to lead happy and productive lives but don’t allow a picture to express all this writer’s information, download the author’s latest novel Freedom Afrika from Apple iBooks today!

Freedom Afrika
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