Freedom ‘Ink’ Sixth edition

A sixth edition of Cosmo Starlight’s Freedom Incorporated was released today, March 27th.  Its publisher is excited to promote this 6th edition of “Freedom Incorporated” using a new press kit which directs inspection of the book’s title routinely illustrated Freedom Ink.

As a bonus to Freedom Incorporated’s 6th edition’s release an original 1st. edition Freedom Inc. eBook cover will be included!

Freedom Incorporated by Cosmo Starlight. ISBN # 9781301329083

Original Freedom Inc. eBook-cover

Also added to this sixth ed. eBook, beyond changes made to the text by a ▲Church Publishing editor, is a chapter excerpt from Freedom Afrika available by author Cosmo Starlight to readers for pre-order July 4th, 2015!

Purchase “Freedom Incorporated’s” sixth edition released March 27th today!