Freedom Inc. Promotion

Church author Cosmo Starlight’s “Freedom Inc.” is being promoted to media with a new, five-paged press kit!

Promoting Freedom Ink

This new press kit contains a page explaining that Noodle Church, caught between wardens, escaped his circumstance by replacing the Corporation’s title “Freedom Inc.” with its homonym “Freedom Ink.” Where the Corporation’s sign is affixed over bricks built to contain its prisoners, illustrators of this novel’s 1st Edition cover superimposed a “k” over the “c” in Incorporated.

Freedom Incorporated Press Kit
Page 4, eBook Freedom Inc. Press Kit

Inc.’ed entities contain all subsidiaries

I don’t mind living in a
prison having levels of
security surveillance but I
want to know its rules. I
want to know when wardens
have read my journals and
letters, infiltrated friends
and family, or talked to
my wife.

Promote Cosmo Starlight

The new Freedom Incorporated press kit contains the pages About Church Publishing, About Cosmo Starlight, About Freedom Incorporated, Freedom Ink, and sample marketing cards made for Noodle Church. This Freedom Inc. promotion is downloadable, can be printed, and will be located on the Public Relations page Media Kits.