Church, The Television Show


Web-serial Church, The Television Show, named for fictional superhero who teamed with Aliens to end the global war on terror Noodle Church, established Church Publishing September 11, 2011 at 5:10 with it’s Pilot episode proceeded by Season One, Episode One ten years to the date beyond terrorist Osama bin Laden’s attack on U.S. soil.  But 9/11/11 wasn’t the birth of an idea, the first analysis of creator Cosmo Starlight‘s journals, or the President of Church’s first encounter with the grave and serious subject matter of 9/11/01.

Author Cosmo Starlight in fact conceived Church, The Television Show before a U.S. operation roved into the state of Pakistan to capture and/or kill a Saudi born-man who became known to be mastermind behind the execution of 9/11.  Church Publishing scrutinized this author’s notebooks subsequent publication of Osama bin Laden’s death by White House officials and took possession of at least one after judging a U.S. objective had been accomplished upon determination any threat Starlight’s story could comprise covert missions neutral.  The founder of Church Publishing actually volunteered as a firefighter beginning April 2001 and was in his first month of official employment that September while watching two Boeing 767’s take-down New York’s Twin Towers; then, over four years after President George Bush signed the USA Patriot Act amending FISA laws and statutes once protecting U.S. Citizens, and nearly two after passage of the Homeland Security Act by Congress and the Cabinet-level department Homeland Security opened Church Publishing’s President enrolled in flight training during which he read author Ethan Collins for the first time.

Thus May 2015 marks a three year anniversary since Church started editing this serial publication depicting Noodle Church leading up to his incarceration, commissioning drawings, creating its trademark, and getting in shape for an enterprise that soon consumed more wherewithal than the President ever before expended not knowing what format it would find success, believing in television.  It was discovered sometime after the fact Church, the Television Show‘s inaugural public access happened 9/11/11.  As a matter of history The Television Show became the first production ▲Church  prematurely stopped publishing and there exist lost seasons the Company may attempt to recover if financing materializes.

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