Senior IT – Development

▲Church seeks expert computer technologist in a moderate-term endeavor to fill rewarding senior level position within its publishing company.

Church’s IT position spans computer science segments in skill, experience, and functions fulfilled by specialists.  Successful IT could become a powerful unit within the company; agile command is paramount.

If IT stands for Information Technology (IT) and Internet Technology (IT) is a platform that delivers data without medium then the company desires an Internet Technologist (ITT).  Conversely, if Web Design (WD) is some commonly associated component of Web Development (WD) existing in absence of design, this position demands a Web Designer (WDD).  Therefore two requirements rarely contained within the same job post are graphic design and FTP expertise.  Moreover, in order of usage, equipment including computer hardware developed parallel Microsoft’s growth; designed to run on Linux; running Android’s OS; and Apple’s technology demand understanding.

Programs the company uses covering those platforms number near one-hundred so this person must demonstrate not only proficiency in their software suite but also efficiency plus learn basic operations of new software programs to facilitate employee specialists, clients, vendors, and/or managers.

Hardware/software requisites intersect upon configuration.  Applicants can either configure hardware to run in multiple software environments or can hack solutions.  Knowing hardware configuration exists, accessing settings through software, how to set values before boot, and fail-safe operation as an inverse function of crashes or data loss after a crash occurs IS REQUIRED.

Demonstrated ability to comprehend, translate, trouble-shoot, and/or write HTML, Java, SQL, PHP, Compound Format (OLE), Binary Code, C, MATLAB, text like CSV/Tab, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is desirable.  Security is important, basics of encryption, fundamentals of pass-code access, and limitations of cloud computing like technologies hindering secure data storage/transfer- remote control and packet interruption- require familiarity.  Finally, ability to compose a computer algorithm in any language is absolutely required.

Ultimately external hardware such as monitors, keyboards, cameras, projectors, sound equipment, storage devices, speakers, and their interoperability/cross-functionality will be plug and play.  Modification including stripping, soldering, or taping won’t be required.  What’s necessary: IT knowledge transcending the personal computer.  This ITD person might set-up, order, or develop infrastructure including telephone networks operating on a variety of technologies, servers, and portable devices such as cell-phones, tablets, iPods, and eReading devices displaying Church Publishing’s literature.  Above all this person must be interested in books!  But confounding a one-day CTO is confidence or support of the company in print media, promotion to CTO inside ▲Church depends upon creation of a successful website or app.  Even if a candidate does not net CTO, as incentive or reward, a developer can be compensated in stock ownership of the website as part of their own performance-based package.

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Apply for opportunities offering domain ownership plus a potential to work inside ▲Church’s multi-dimensional organization as CTO.  Send an application with “Senior IT – Development” today!