The following initiatives are developing within Church:

    • Church consults corporations on new business, internet media, and organizational security on a limited basis plus creates marketing and creative copy having global reach.
    • Church’s market for a Pashto and Dari typist requires excellence in idiom. Applicants must demonstrate differences between ازادی,معافیت,استقلال and especially روانی plus possess incredible English reading skill. Seeking Portuguese linguist for translation. Write to Church and apply for language positions!
    • Seeking market-reps, freelance editors, and writers after courtship. Work with Church or view the Company’s desired candidate here.
    • Church is asking illustrators to work with the Company’s published authors. Projects include paint, pen, and/or graphic illustration. Open to students and alumni, contact Church Publishing today!
    • Church seeks a web developer interested to work in exchange for stock vested in its new website: user-driven access to e-Government documents sorted by popularity. Click on pope-govdocs.com!
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