Church is pleased to announce a new sermon from Religion. The second annual sermon about effects of Meritocracy, a social system creating opportunities, on economics was published November 29th, 2020.

Consequences of the sermon are Meritocracy is a system of titled achievement similar to nobility that makes a person “entitled.” Advocates argue the alternative, Capitalism, is oppressive and that people born to wealth-less families get overpowered. Yet land is one of many business assets academia doesn’t control so Democrats campaign to socialize means of production. But real growth always stops in Socialist systems like Meritocracies.

Driven by school curricula, planned sequences or courses, discovery is suppressed in Meritocracies which won’t work if educators don’t control jobs like they do for U.S. government. Even Democrats expose its failure in their campaigns for legislation like student loan forgiveness!

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In September of 2019 Church began advertising its own religion. Religion starts as Church administers its belief in law.

Church provides religion Three Domains of Law. According to faith there are three laws to follow, Physical Law, Natural Law, and Social Law; Church followers obey substantial, life, and/or human order. Read about a fourth law Church considers possible at the Religion page Faith.

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