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In September of 2019 Church finally began advertising its own religion. Religion starts as Church administers its belief in law.

Church provides religion Three Domains of Law. According to its faith there are three laws to follow, Physical Law, Natural Law, and Social Law; Church followers obey substantial, life, and/or human order. Read about a fourth law Church considers possible at the Religion page written on Faith.

Furthermore, in addition to the three domains, Church issued The Order of Law as a tenet of its faith. The tenet adds accessibility to this belief in law. First, accessibility is defined by what is being ordered. Human life is ordered by society, biology, and the laws of physics so Social Order, Natural Order, and Physical Order are accessible to society. In contrast, Physical elements are ordered neither by nature nor judiciaries; physical elements can’t access Social Law.

When accessibility is applied to Three Domains of Law, The Order of Law is created. First-order law is that law expressed within its domain, second-order law is a law’s expression in less a accessible domain, and third-order law is that law expressing in a more accessible domain. The Law carries a prefix meta when it’s second order law and a prefix pro when it’s third-order law. For example, metaphysics is our first law in a second-order declaration. Second-order law is unjustifiable and third-order law is, in contrast, oppressive. Enforcing metaphysics is unjustifiable!

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About ▲Religion

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