Freedom Africa

Church Publishing has agreed to publish author Cosmo Starlight‘s sequel to novel Freedom Incorporated. Read Freedom Afrika’s description now or jump to its concept cover design in this article.

Noodle escapes Freedom Incorporated’s solitary confinement ward. After escaping the hero is tracked through Airstrip One and Pharaoh. In search of freedom Noodle visits the Dark Continent to find Western developments. A state-of-the-art monorail whisks him to the capital and Noodle observes Afrikan countryside between cities succumbing to sub-urbanization. Fences run between roads paralleling the railway and box homes circling retail malls build a megalopolis. But agents track him en route to a remote corner of the continent and Noodle’s intercepted by the International Intelligence Service.

Agents tracked Noodle to one of the oldest surviving societies where people live inside homes built of earth and mud. He meets people who’ve known how to build freedom, don’t have the word terrorism, and don’t use nuclear bombs, satellites, wire-taps, or drones. Basic healthcare keeps them alive to eighty years and they’ve heard about Freedom Incorporated– it’s outlawed! This society organizes around food, water, shelter, and love.

Everyone’s met Revolution’s daughter Freedom here. And Noodle discovers that freedom he’s been craving when the people proclaim, “If men wearing white-suits come with masks attached to breathing apparatuses and allege you have a rare disease that nobody’s heard of…Noodle, even if they say It’s a matter of national security we’ll never let them take you again. Here, we fight to defend Independence.”

Concept "Freedom Afrika" book cover
Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight

The sequel to Freedom Incorporated, Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight will be published by Church. Freedom is for everyone defending her!