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Church Publishing spent the past several weeks editing the 5th Edition of “Freedom Incorporated” for publication. Church needs to outsource its editing and wants someone who can put words into its authors’ mouths. If you know an English master, we’d love to hear from them!


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The 5th Edition of Freedom Incorporated is being edited. Church added ten percent to the body and took five away, fifteen percent of the novel employs new wording. It’s such a significant change that Church plans to assign a new ISBN (#9781301329083). New table of contents hyperlinks, new front matter, and an author bio for Cosmo Starlight was added to the 5th Edition. Plus, to highlight his motivation for driving to President’s Compound when he was followed by Arabian Knights, a dream Noodle had is included in this new novel.

Customers of Smashwords who’ve already purchased Freedom Incorporated will be able to access this enhanced 5th Edition publication. Check store policy for availability of the 5th Edition after purchasing Freedom Inc. from other eTailers like iBooks. And check-out this alternate cover (not included) before it’s published:

Alternate cover of "Freedom Incorporated" by Cosmo Starlight
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This post reveals plot secrets. Purchase your 4th Edition copy of Freedom Incorporated by Cosmo Starlight now and its 5th Edition will be available to you for download- guaranteed!

Spoiler Alert!

Freedom Incorporated, the massive low-security work camp, began in 1932. After wardens first lost control of their wealth and power they built a state-controlled bank to manage the economic system then generations fought to control Freedom by laying their own bricks atop these walls that imprison us. By 1960 people woke-up and human rights leaders stood against oppression. Spied on by wardens, those leaders were assassinated but that back-fired by providing the people martyrs to lead Freedom eternally.

Wardens returned as soon as electronic technology progressed and went from opening rivals’ mail to listening-in on their telephone lines. With digital technology came new ideas: Freedom Incorporated could work as a massive low-security prison that used computers to run cameras, record cell-phone calls, read mail, monitor web-browsing, and review shopping decisions. Instead of assassinations accidents would silence dissenters before their voices were heard by the people and then nobody could investigate foul-play.

Noodle Church lives in Freedom and completes a national security questionnaire to join the army. And while waiting to be cleared through security Noodle receives a mysterious job offer to work at a mafia owned nightspot. A half-dozen other security applicants from various branches of government like local police, national guard, national security, state police, and the military show up to work there too. And right after opening someone’s murdered but management instructs employees no one talks to the police.

After Noodle discovered a conspiracy to traffic narcotics and the fourth in line for President of Freedom Incorporated throws his sweetheart political rally there Noodle quit the nightclub then took it upon himself to catch the Terrorist. After someone tried to kill him Noodle realized everyone is protecting this massive work camp. He runs through the low-security, medium-security, high-security, maximum-security, and super-max wards and lives in solitary confinement where he’s writing you, the people of Freedom Incorporated.

Starlight’s cover is a double entendre. The hero of Freedom Incorporated, affectionately known as Freedom Inc., is fighting back using free ink instead of bombs, bullets, powders, or policemen.

Starlight’s novel resonates with people all over the world. His novel is meant to inspire folks who read Freedom Incorporated, instead of making a political statement, to declare: We won’t want to live there! Today it’s not the governments or their militaries to worry about anymore; it’s him, you, and me!

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