Pleased to Announce!

It’s been a busy September here at Church Publishing. Foremost, ▲Church would like to announce a most recent collaboration with fine artist Ruby McMenemy-Taylor of Scotland to complete a project designed for author Ethan Collins to be disclosed.

Pleased to Announce work in progress for author Ethan Collins.

As far as artists’ creative processes go it would be unusual for a finished piece to exactly mirror reference bits for the composition.  A lot goes into great artists’ technique and the vision for their most painstaking finish work is what you see at the end.  Therefore, ▲Church cannot guarantee resemblance of this collaboration with artist Ruby McMenemy-Taylor on a painting for Author Ethan Collin’s latest book “Do Not Mix with Alcohol.” In fact, of the artist’s recent conversations with Church Publishing certain details are going to create distinction.

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Author Ethan Collins’ latest novel might be released the end of November but ongoing trouble with technology may change the Company’s expectations if that can’t be fixed.