Pleased to Announce!

September has been a busy month at Church Publishing. Namely, this announces Church has been collaborating with fine artist Ruby McMenemy-Taylor of Scotland on a design for an undisclosed author Ethan Collins project.

Pleased to Announce work in progress to support author Ethan Collins

A lot of effort goes into a great artist’s technique and the vision of their most painstaking work is what you see finished. Speaking of artists’ creative process, it would be unusual for a finished piece to exactly replicate its inspiration. Therefore, Church can’t guarantee resemblance of this collaboration with artist Ruby McMenemy-Taylor to a painting for Ethan Collin’s latest book “Do Not Mix with Alcohol.” In fact, certain details are will create distinction!

Ruby McMenemy-Taylor sketch
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Author Ethan Collins’ latest novel might be released the end of November but ongoing trouble with technology may change that expectation.