Fill Holiday eReader Gifts

A selection of ▲Church novels were enrolled in one of it’s eBook distributor Smashwords’ End of Year Sale. For a limited time only, December 25th, 2018 through 01 Janurary 2019 at midnight Pacific Time, holiday recipients of new tablets, smart phones, iPads, and PCs can add the following popular novels to read at (at times) deeply discounted prices.

Cosmo Starlight's latest novel "Freedom Afrika"

▲Church Publishing author Cosmo Starlight‘s most recently published novel “Freedom Afrika” will be available for download from Smashwords during this sale period for 75% off.

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Author Ethan Collins Promotion

In anticipation of author Ethan Collins’ next novel being released April 2oth, 2017 the price of his first book published at ▲Church has been REDUCED!

To promote the release of Do Not Mix with Alcohol Ethan Collins’ first book has a new price.  Purchase Ethan Collins’ The Diamond Party now for only $4.89.  That’s a $5.00 savings!

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The Diamond Party by Ethan Collins

And to make the deal even sweeter there’s a coupon code located in the back-matter of Do Not Mix with Alcohol to save an additional 40% off The Diamond Party.  Buy Ethan Collins’ new release Do Not Mix with Alcohol today then order The Diamond Party and pay just $2.93!

Do Not Mix with Alcohol by Collins

Do Not Mix with Alcohol

Ethan Collins’ Do Not Mix with Alcohol is now scheduled to be released 4/20/17 and it’s currently available for pre-order!!!

Church, The Television Show


Web-serial Church, The Television Show, named for fictional superhero who teamed with Aliens to end the global war on terror Noodle Church, established Church Publishing September 11, 2011 at 5:10 with it’s Pilot episode proceeded by Season One, Episode One ten years to the date beyond terrorist Osama bin Laden’s attack on U.S. soil.  But 9/11/11 wasn’t the birth of an idea, the first analysis of creator Cosmo Starlight‘s journals, or the President of Church’s first encounter with the grave and serious subject matter of 9/11/01. Continue reading