Church celebrates great work done this summer in time for students’ return to college by launching its new Bookstore. Locating its first storefront at, this shop carries posters, postcards, and stickers! Blue and gold triangle stickers printed on vinyl coated paper with an adhesive backing look perfect on eReaders, computer skins, notebooks, and pocket portfolios. A set of two 2″ diameter circles plus one 4×3″ rectangle retails for only $1.99 including shipping. Better, decorate your kids’ dorm rooms with a 2×3′ poster!

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Senior IT – Development

▲Church seeks an expert computer technologist to fill a rewarding senior level position at the company.

Church’s IT position spans computer science segments in skill, experience, and functions satisfied by specialists. Successful IT could become a powerful position at the company; agile command of computer technologies is paramount.

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