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Author Cosmo Starlight’s newest eBook Freedom Afrika published by ▲Church is finally on-sale from leading eTailers such as iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Rakuten the maker of Kobo eReading devices.

Cosmo Starlight's latest novel <strong>Freedom Afrika</strong> released 12/26/2015

Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight released 12/26/2015

Church Publishing announces August 18th through Christmas Day Freedom Afrika can be purchased for only $3.89 pre-release, a 75% savings!  The retail for this book, at about 450 pages depending on it’s eReading format, is set at $14.49.  Accordingly, order your copy of Starlight’s Freedom Afrika today to save over $10.50 then read this literary adventure novel over this year’s winter holiday.

In Starlight’s first sequel and basic solution to Freedom Incorporated Noodle Church, the character whose superhuman action once closed a counter-terrorism operation, escapes Freedom Inc. to live with people who stand against bombs, bullets, powders, and policemen. Africans Noodle meets teach that people need food, water, shelter and love to lead happy, productive lives. Love is all Noodle needed. Even though the excitement of adventure- never knowing where Noodle’s next step will take him or whether his character born with blue skin will survive- could be considered perfect for 16 year-old boys, girls may be attracted to this book’s thematic drive- pursuit of love, and parents can make new discoveries through accessible philosophical reason on science, religion, education, and more.  So if you do not own an eReading device but plan on giving one as a gift this holiday season then also purchase Starlight’s novel for only $3.89 today to be downloaded 12/26/2015!

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Purchase ▲Church’s sequel novel in author Cosmo Starlight’s Freedom Series today to save over $10.50 off Freedom Afrikas retail through Christmas Day 2015.