Novel Synopsis Published

Celebrate surprises at the end of every year. a synopsis for “Do Not Mix with Alcohol” is published. Delivered through recollections of a burned on the job firefighter, this highly anticipated book by Ethan Collins explores marriage of appearance to reality and implications their union has on our identities.

Thrilling psychological narratives from Ethan Collins have been reserved by Church ever since the day this author was discovered on an transatlantic flight. And a painting of a girl drinking beer explicitly commissioned artist Ruby McMenemy-Taylor for the making of this novel’s cover:

Cover of "Do Not Mix with Alcohol" by Ethan Collins

His publisher has been sitting at the edge of its proverbial director’s chair for so long that this author’s gripping manuscript was the only substance sticking the writer’s unproven talent to a long development process. Probably for reason of another career, Ethan Collins can’t claim to be America’s quickest or most prolific writer. Yet there’s no reason to keep fans or new readers guessing about his novel “Do Not Mix with Alcohol” any longer.

In addition to a difficult relationship between young-man and wife, human psychology, and the limit of what can be accepted by society, this author’s novel will be promoted as an existentialist renaissance and Collins will be remembered for founding a movement. Main character Mason Gardner’s engagement to girlfriend Aisha is a metaphor. To readers, their relationship is symbolic of the union of appearance and reality.

Appearance is real, and reality is truth, but belief is more powerful than exhibition. Exhibits are meant to make people believe in reality. Thus two terms like splitting human into male and female, appearance and reality, are co-dependent on an outcome. Together, two are one; apart, each attract the other. But, both can be and either appearance or reality can deviate to claim I exist.

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