DNMwA Chapter Two

Do Not Mix with Alcohol will be released April 20th, 2017. Diehard fans of Ethan Collins excited to read chapter two of the author’s upcoming novel can now preview it alongside chapter one to read for free!

Mason and Aisha are about to get married. Then they separate and it’s possible Aisha’s dead when Mason awakes in the hospital believing he’s his best-friend. Ultimately as existentialist as this book is a mass-market psychological thriller, Do Not Mix with Alcohol explores the marriage of appearance and reality!

In chapter two, Mason Garnière meets partner Aisha Costello. They make love for the first time and become a couple. Then, while camping during winter in the snow together, Mason suffers from frostbite. But Mason must finish his second semester junior-year midterms alone! Will Mason and Aisha sustain their relationship? To find out, click on the cover and start reading chapter two of Do Not Mix with Alcohol:

Do Not Mix with Alcohol by Collins
Do Not Mix with Alcohol

“Do Not Mix with Alcohol” (DNMwA) will be released 4/20. Preview chapters for free, click on its cover to start reading Do Not Mix with Alcohol’s CHAPTER TWO before its release or buy the book from Amazon today!