Fill Holiday eReader Gifts

A selection of Church novels are enrolled in its distributor’s End of Year Sale. For a limited time, December 25th, 2018 to 01 January 2019 at midnight Pacific Time, holiday recipients of new tablets, smart phones, iPads, and PCs can add the following popular novels to read at (at times) deeply discounted prices.

Cosmo Starlight's latest novel "Freedom Afrika"

Church Publishing author Cosmo Starlight‘s most recently published novel “Freedom Afrika” will be available for download from Smashwords at 75% off.

Cosmo Starlight’s debut novel about the fictional country his alien-empowered terrorist-fighting superhero Noodle Church is from, Freedom Incorporated, is available for download from Smashwords at 50% off.

Church Publishing
Noodle Church as an alien

View all Church novels at Smashwords. The company was founded in 2011 after joining literary forces with author Cosmo Starlight, creator of Noodle Church, to produce the (web) serial Church, The Television Show. Church is an independent eBook house inspired by world peace marketing stories that help people to build better, more productive societies.

Discounts on novels ranging from 25-75% off from Christmas through New Years Day, 2019 automatically appear on book pages (at Smashwords) and will be applied during checkout. Fill eReaders received as holiday gifts like new PCs, tablets, smart phones, iPads and iPhones with new novels by buying all of your books this week at Smashwords during its End of Year Sale. Merry reading!
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