U.S. National Debt

Barack Hussein Obama borrowed about $10 trillion dollars to operate his U.S. Administration over eight years, 2008-2016. Barack Obama was the first President in U.S. history to borrow that much money. Excluding George W. Bush who responded to September 11, 2001 terror attacks, the second largest amount borrowed by a President was less than one-third: Democrat William Jefferson Clinton borrowed about $3 trillion dollars.

A problem is that $10 trillion dollars worth of U.S. currency does NOT exist. Disregarding U.S. laws and international conventions it’s absolutely impossible to collect that much American cash at one time, according to this from the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.

Borrowed money, especially money borrowed by The U.S. Government, signifies money creation. And during Barack Obama’s Administration it was widely reported IOUs (debt obligations) were written on behalf of the U.S. Mint in order to print American cash.

An issue is the way financial systems, based in human nature, have to work. To finance Barack Obama’s $10 trillion dollar debt a value of goods like food, and services like food delivery, must be created by private individuals. In fact, The FED claims it is being created! Thus, Barack Obama forced 99% of Americans to work.

Moreover, inflation isn’t “money creation.” By design of cash currency in Western Civilization from the Roman Empire, which is yet to be perfected, nominal sums are supposed to represent real value. When they don’t represent any value, people communicate fraud; in history communication manifested as violence and in society it addresses courts. But you can’t address the court to dissolve government!

In a definition of money only Jesus or Julius Caesar would know (Western Civilization), money is created when our lives get better. In fact, Americans coined the expression that’s money. An example of money creation is the washing machine. But no one knows what a better life is (money). Home appliances (1920) save time, many like hand-washing (Africans) because they don’t have anything to replace the (refreshing) experience with; pools are a supplementary good.

A major problem in Democratic societies has been that swimming pools don’t remunerate home appliance manufacturers. In primordial society the people were granted rights to pools already; historically genius was paid with sex or other restricted (taboo) experiences. The failure to pay has resulted in loss of land; Americans claim no homelands.

How do we say our lives are better after Democrats print money if they campaign our lives are LESS EQUAL after printing it? The U.S. State of Massachusetts increased minimum wage in 2011, two years into Obama’s borrowing spree. That’s the problem with borrowing $10 trillion at the federal level 2008-2016- local residents couldn’t afford minimum necessities- money as in food and food service evidently awaited creation.