Congress Robs The Nation

Capitalism is a deflationary force. That means the market system drives the prices of goods lower. For instance, since so called democratization of publishing after advent, accessibility, and speed of the world-wide web and new file formats, portable reading devices, and retailers for book publishers the price of novels has dropped astoundingly from over $20 to pay for a hardcover to 99 cents for an e-book today. This price drop represents a 2,000 percent price decrease!

It should be straightforward authors derive pay from the sale of their books and that it’s a function of price. It could be noted authors are evidently willing to work in this market. In fact, until 1997 British author J.K. Rowling wrote for free on welfare! All the while, United States Congressmen have received an automatic pay increase since 1989 according to Public Law 101-194 alone.

Strikingly, just after Public Law 101-194 was passed, this minute in 1990 U.S. National Debt was $2.99 trillion. In 1990 a Senator charged the people of The United States just $98,400 per year to pass laws. Next year, in 1991, their salaries jumped to $125,100 per year! And then their salaries increased over the next eighteen years to $174,000. Less than two decades after Congressmen passed Public Law 101-194, by 2008 Americans had borrowed $10.1 trillion to pay for things like Congressional salaries. And since Congress enacted law to automatically increase their own pay Americans owed their own government 338% more money by 2009.

Now Congressman demand a $4,500 pay increase. Although voting to not get their automatic pay increase from 2010 on, Congress voted to increase the amount Americans owe their federal government over this same time another 248% to $25.2 trillion!

Ever since U.S. Congress voted to enacted Public Law 101-194 to increase lawmen salaries every year automatically the amount Americans owe to pay it increased a whopping 842%. But Capitalism is a deflationary force!