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There are sixteen great reasons to trade with Church on at least six payment platforms, today it manages about thirty SKUs! Readers can buy stickers, posters, or postcards directly from the publisher after concluding transactions securely over PayPal. But this article lists ALL the ways you can support Church!

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Customers most often support Church by buying books! For example, you can purchase Freedom Incorporated at Barnes & Noble, or The Diamond Party from Kobo, or Freedom Afrika from Apple iBooks, or white paper On Security from Smashwords, and you can even buy Do Not Mix with Alcohol from Amazon.

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The 110th Congress of The United States found consent to be governed in a constitutional democracy is not meaningful unless it is informed and U.S. President Barack Obama wrote “transparency, participation, and collaboration form the cornerstone of open-government, promote accountability, and provide information about what government is doing.” You can support Church by financing website content to produce more articles like these explaining the The Freedom of Information Act, helping the public to understand their rights, and free media kits like this:

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Or you can donate directly to enjoin The U.S. Department of Homeland Security from withholding documents pertaining to Pursuit Lead Cable from Church Publishing, documents classified by its Office of Intelligence and Analysis, a classification that was upheld.

FOIA APPEAL Number: 2015-HQAP-00091
FOIA APPEAL Number: 2015-HQAP-00091

Donate securely to Religion and instill Church beliefs. Started in 2011 to confront the astronomical effect 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks had on people, Church has just begun advertising Religion in 2019. Donate $5 – $125 to build a house of worship or to develop online content including Faith, the Ministry, and Sermons.

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Superhero fans can donate to produce more episodes of Church, The Television Show, a free online serial publication following Noodle Church join the U.S. Army before being placed in a Mafia nightspot to spy for The National Counter Terrorism Center. Watch Noodle figure it out after he’s poisoned then healed by Aliens which turn his skin blue, leading Noodle and agents pursuing him on a wild chase to capture Osama bin Laden. Help support publication of this web serial!

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Here are sixteen great reasons to trade with ▲Church!