American Policy

Church proposes a national real estate property tax. In 1981 The United States of America was $0 trillion dollars in debt. Today, Americans owe their U.S. government $27 trillion. That impacts Americans in college for 9/11 preparing to send kids they’ve had to college.

Church proposes U.S. code taxing real estate property in order to offset expenditures the national government is now selling bonds to complete. In fact, Church needs a repository for its legislative proposals. But it doesn’t have revenue to build!

It needs your feedback, comments, and support. How does the repository appear and how can back its proposals? Traditionally, money donated to ▲Politics (PAC) funds political campaigns for election. But Barack Obama already campaigned to “take money out of American politics!

What do readers need and which of these questions are most important to you? Why tax real estate? How does it effect Americans? What’s wrong with borrowing? What’s the proposed rate and how much money would it raise? Is property tax a “new” tax?

Church owns its legislative proposals as much as any writer owns copyrights to their work! The only thing U.S. Congressmen do beside proposing legislation, answering the questions in debate, and voting on bills is run for elected office. The Church president doesn’t earn nearly as much as Congressmen or even local cops who aren’t paid as candidates, and resists welfare that doesn’t exist for businesses. So if it creates a repository for its legislative proposals and answers debate like what politicians including Joe Biden are doing- creating solutions for most Americans- what protects Church from theft?

▲Church proposes a national real estate tax. Certain people including prominent American politicians already have awareness of this. Most folks don’t know about the work ▲Church has done to increase people’s quality of life.