Full House of Corrections

Since February, 2011, despite welcoming government censorship before Barack Hussein Obama leaked the classified Seal Team 6‘s Pakistani invasion to capture Osama bin Laden, Church has been independent. It wasn’t until October, 2012 that the company published Cosmo Starlight’s “Freedom Incorporated.” Regardless of early warnings about DoEd and addresses sent to The Trump Organization for relief from contradictions in capitalism like education, on October 30th, 2020 a former Full House star and his Secretary of Education Lori Loughlin turned herself in for conspiracy to commit fraud.

Madness – Our House

Despite warnings sent to The Trump Organization before Donald was a presidential candidate, his pick for Secretary of Education reported to federal prison and paid $150,000 after admitting she and her husband orchestrated a $500,000 bribe so their daughters could attend college as athletes at the University of Southern California (USC), undeniably finding Freedom Incorporated for herself!

Having money in a capitalist system can be the ultimate freedom. New seasons of Full House aired from 1987 to 1995. Reportedly worth $400 million today, the show’s highest paid cast members earned $25,000 per episode. And after Full House plus a successful run on Hallmark’s “When Calls a Heart,” Lori Loughlin is worth $20 million dollars according to the same report. Yet, The U.S. Social Security Administration published, “women with bachelor’s degrees earn (just) $630,000” more than high school graduates! So what’s Lori’s $500,000 so daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella Giannulli can get into college really for?

The entire point of Donald Trump’s presidency may be reduced to capitalists allocate resources. If Lori has $20 million, why didn’t she just hire her daughters? If she wanted “school” to place her daughters then how is fraud the same has achievement? Following bribes sent to universities so children could attend college under false pretenses including fake exam scores, Lori Loughlin’s two daughters are no longer enrolled at USC. But how did Lori Loughlin get with Donald Trump if she believes in Meritocracy?

Lori Loughlin ‘breaks down’

After facing 40 years, Lori Loughlin’s two month sentence was a slap on the wrist. Fellow Full House actor Bob Saget, however, was still thinking of her. Lori, welcome to the ward!

Loughlin’s Life In Prison
‘Terrified about going to prison’

Loughlin Is A ‘Wreck’ In Prison