Pleased to Announce!

It’s been a busy September here at Church Publishing. Foremost, ▲Church would like to announce a most recent collaboration with fine artist Ruby McMenemy-Taylor of Scotland to complete a project designed for author Ethan Collins to be disclosed.

Pleased to Announce work in progress for author Ethan Collins.

As far as artists’ creative processes go it would be unusual for a finished piece to exactly mirror reference bits for the composition.  A lot goes into great artists’ technique and the vision for their most painstaking finish work is what you see at the end.  Therefore, ▲Church cannot guarantee resemblance of this collaboration with artist Ruby McMenemy-Taylor on a painting for Author Ethan Collin’s latest book. In fact, of the artist’s recent conversations with Church Publishing certain details are going to create distinction.

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Author Ethan Collins’ latest novel might be released the end of November but ongoing trouble with technology may change the Company’s expectations if that can’t be fixed.

White Paper on Security

The first draft of ▲Church Publishing’s White Paper on Security is complete but needs to be edited, especially its long bibliography. Media requests. Jump to: Update. Second Update. Third Update.


Monday August 11, a request for information was formally submitted to The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence and Analysis, to obtain a definition of Pursuit Lead Cable.

In DHS’s Fiscal Year 2015 “Budget-in-Brief,” after Service to the Public its Analysis and Operations Division lists  FY 2013 Accomplishments as “Disseminated 54 Pursuit Lead Cables.”

In two telephone calls Church placed to the Department of Homeland Security requesting a definition of Pursuit Lead Cable, specifically what one is, which Departments, organizations, agencies, or bureaus they’re disseminated to, if there’s judicial review, and what the intended outcome of each Pursuit Lead Cable is, plus an email sent to, Church Publishing failed to receive a reply after communicating the Company wished to publish its ‘White Paper on Security’ today, 8/11/2014. 

While the definition of a Pursuit Lead Cable is not central to this white paper, for a component of DHS having over 300 million dollars in annual budget authority, being made clear on Pursuit Lead Cable would go a long way toward its costs analysis.  For instance, does it mean 54 domestic terrorist suspects were apprehended as a result of these notices and were additional agents to these 54 with achievable plots arrested before plans could be carried out? 

‘White Paper on Security’ will be published within three days of receipt of this information or September 8th, 2014- whichever comes sooner.  Unfortunately, in interest of expediency, confirmation of receipt of this Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has not yet been received from Homeland Security.

Second Update: 9-9-14

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Cosmo Starlight’s sequel “Freedom Afrika” pulled.

Cosmo Starlight’s sequel Freedom Afrika has been pulled from global eBook store shelves today, July 11th, on the day of this author’s international release. Church Publishing is aware of the recall and pledges to update fans of Starlight’s on the most recent development as soon as practicable.

Pre-ordered copies of Freedom Afrika will be refunded by ▲Church and its international retail partners. For any customers who did not pre-order a copy of Freedom Afrika excitedly awaiting the sequel’s arrival please accept this coupon for an original in this author’s “Freedom Series” titled Freedom Incorporated while Church Publishing tends to a serious and complex legal matter arising after unbecoming conduct by police.

To match the pre-release price of Cosmo Starlight’s sequel, Freedom Incorporated is proudly being offered for 53% off list @ $4.49! Click and enter coupon code WY64S at checkout. This offer has been validated for two months while ▲Church Publishing resolves its lawsuit by every means necessary and will expire on September 11th, 2014.  Enjoy North America’s summer!


Church Publishing. All rights reserved.

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Latest Starlight novel now on iBookstore shelves

Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight has now been added to the  iBookstore in advance of his novel’s July 11 release. Jump to: Spoiler, Confidential, News.

Cosmo Starlight's latest novel "Freedom Afrika"

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Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight Plot Spoiler Alert!

Noodle Church escapes Freedom Incorporated, Earth’s first low-security work-camp with bombs, bullets, powders, and policemen to control society. In Freedom Afrika‘s synopsis posted on the iBookstore it’s revealed African’s believe people need food, water, shelter, and love to live. Those are all Noodle needed to thrive.

After reading Starlight’s latest novel readers learn policemen really did shoot and kill a small boy. Readers also discover policemen shot the boy after his neighborhood didn’t go to school. And astute readers may even figure out how much of Freedom Afrika is a true story plus which historical figure was really imprisoned after protesting his Nation’s education system. Curious of mind, experienced, or saints may gift Freedom Afrika written by Cosmo Starlight so their friends can discover the truth too.

Church Publishing company reveals previously confidential information:

True to Church’s roots, this photograph posted on the website’s header got snapped along the African coast by someone working for Church . Writer Cosmo Starlight says food, water, shelter, and love are all the people need to lead happy and productive lives but don’t allow this cropped photo to give away all his information, download Cosmo Starlight’s latest novel Freedom Afrika from Apple’s iBookstore today!

Freedom Afrika

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In Freedom Afrika Noodle Church escapes the solitary confinement ward to live among people who stand against bombs, bullets, powders, and policemen.
Brand: Church Publishing
Model: First Edition
Product ID: ISBN# 9781310142932
$4.49 New

La Policia


Friends have complained, society is being controlled by the imposition of martial law.  While living in western nations, under constant surveillance, I certainly understand what these friends perceive.  Yet I find their definition is misfired at people who protect freedom.

Martial law is rule by military forces.  Police detect crime.  Politicians rule what is criminal. Politics determines what crimes, if any, have been committed and thus, police are politicians’ muscle.

In The United States the politic is supposed to be representative of the people yet politicians have militarized their police forces.  Today we live under po-litical and po-lice rule, not martial law.  Let me show you the contrast.





Two pictures contain soldiers.  They are dressed in fatigues.  The other two photos are police.  Those photos bear the word police.  See if you can find the photo some politicians have called terrorists.  It’s unbelievable!



So what’s wrong with permitting peers to call living inside a militarized police state martial law? Simply that it’s a false label, detrimental to heroes who’ve served or sacrificed for common good, and counter-productive to the majority of people’s goal. There’s a difference between military forces and militarized police. But if I point out all the differences then actors might change their roles, police will start wearing fatigues and terrorists will start flashing peace signs, the people and their politicians start to confuse them again .

So view it this way:  The line between soldiers and police are the locations they’ve slept.  Cops get to sleep at home in local communities while soldiers sleep in conflict zones.  Look at all four pictures again. As our own societies increase their domestic security programs don’t be fooled into thinking that’s martial law, it’s not. We’re residing in a Political Mobocracy where the powerful use police to control the powerless. So welcome to the party.

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Freedom Africa

Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight has been procured by Church Publishing. Check out Freedom Afrika’s description re-posted below from the novel’s webpage or jump to the cover concept design.

Noodle finally escapes the solitary confinement ward. Upon escaping, he’s tracked through Airstrip One and Pharaoh in search of freedom. That journey lands the hero at the tip of the Dark Continent where he distinguishes Western developments. A state-of-the-art monorail whisks him weightlessly toward the Wonderful City. Noodle observes breathtaking countryside between cities succumbing to sub-urbanization. Fences run between roads paralleling the railway. And box homes circling round retail malls are being built row after identical row. Noodle’s intercepted by the International Intelligence Service here, too; agents from the West track him en route to remote corners of the Continent.

They trace Noodle to one of the oldest surviving societies living inside homes built of earth and mud. There, he meets people who’ve known how to build freedom all along. Nobody’s invented the word terrorism and they don’t have nuclear bombs, satellites, cables, or cameras. Basic healthcare keeps the people alive for eighty years. And, even without higher education, the people know Freedom Incorporated- it’s been outlawed. Exceptionally, the society esteems food, water, shelter, love, and knowledge and the people excel in art and philosophy. Noodle encounters intelligent life.

Everyone’s met Revolution’s daughter freedom. And Noodle discovers that freedom he’s been craving when the people proclaim, “If men wearing white-suits come with masks attached to breathing apparatus and allege you have a rare disease that nobody’s heard of, Noodle, even if they say It’s a matter of national security we’ll never let them take you again. Here, we fight to defend Independence.”

Noodle escapes the solitary confinement ward.

Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight

The sequel to Freedom Incorporated, Freedom Afrika by Cosmo Starlight will be release to etailers; freedom is for everyone defending her!

Freedom Inc.

Church Publishing has spent the past several weeks editing the fifth edition of Freedom Incorporated for re-release.  The Company produces books, we’d like to outsource our editing so we’re searching for someone who can put words into our mouth.  If you know someone with a mastery of the English language we’d like to hear from them!

*Update. Visit the Coming to Church page for more details on how to become the Company’s copy-editor.

The fifth edition of Freedom Incorporated is being re-designed for readability.  We’ve added ten percent to the body and taken five away, fifteen percent of the novel employs new wording.  It’s such a significant change we plan on assigning a new ISBN.  We’ve also added table of contents hyperlinks, new front matter, and an author bio for author Cosmo Starlight.  That, plus we’ve written a dream Noodle had to highlight his motivation for driving to President’s Compound (when he was followed by Arabian Knights).  We may add more deleted scenes, so to speak, but haven’t yet worked them in.

Of course, smashwords customers who’ve already purchased Freedom Incorporated will be able to access this enhanced fifth edition epbulication.  After purchasing Freedom Inc. using etailers such as iBookstore and others, availability of updated versions varies by store policy.  Until then, check out this alternative cover posted below.  Spoiler Alert!  The remainder of this post reveals plot lines. Purchase a 4th edition copy of Freedom Incorporated by Cosmo Starlight now!  The 5th edition is coming soon!

Copyright © 2013 Church-Publishing

Copyright © 2013 Church-Publishing

Freedom Incorporated, the massive low-security work camp, began in nineteen thirty-two after wardens’ first lost control of wealth and power. So they built a state-controlled bank to manage the economic system. Subsequent generations each fought to control Freedom by laying their own bricks atop these walls that imprison us all. There was an awakening, people woke up to the prison in the sixties and human rights leaders stood against oppressive controls. Those leaders, spied on by wardens, were assassinated. It back-fired, assassination provided martyrs to lead freedom eternally.  As electronic technology progressed, various wardens progressed from opening rivals’ mail to listening in on their telephone lines.  Along with digital technology came more big ideas: Freedom Incorporated would work as a massive low-security prison that used computers to run cameras, record cell phone calls, read electronic mail, monitor web-browsing history and review shopping habits. Now, when prison rights leaders start leading accidents will silence their voices before the people start listening.  If no one knows, then nobody will investigate foul play.

In Freedom, Noodle Church fills in a national security questionnaire to join the army.  While the security clearance is being processed, Noodle receives a mysterious job offer to work at a mafia owned nightclub and as it happens, a half-dozen other security applicants from various branches of government show up too. Soon after opening, someone attempts to murder a patron. They weren’t there to investigate; management instructed employees ‘no one talks to police.’

Wardens were distracted by two international wars, domestic policy was being overrun with special interest groups, and the country was heading toward bankruptcy.  After Noodle discovered a conspiracy to traffic narcotics he quit the nightclub and took it upon himself to catch the Terrorist.  When nobody thanked him, after someone tried to kill him Noodle realized everyone in this fictional country is living in a massive work camp.  He tried to escape and found himself running through the low security, medium-security, high-security, maximum-security, and super-max prison wards.  Now he lives in  solitary confinement where he’s writing you, to the people of Freedom Incorporated, using free-ink.

Starlight’s cover is a double entendre.  The people of Freedom Incorporated, more affectionately known as Freedom Inc., are fighting back using Freedom Ink instead of bombs, bullets, powders or policemen.

While we witness our own, real life, countries increase domestic surveillance capability, Starlight’s novel resonates with people all over the world. Instead of making a political statement his book is meant to inspire folks who read Freedom Incorporated to declare:  We won’t want to live there! It’s not the governments or militaries that we have to worry about anymore.  It’s him, you, and me!

Undress It With Your Eyes: Tinder for Books

Riffle, a social media site built exclusively for readers, has finally launched. Riffle has visual appeal. A window full of covers fills the browser and, after clicking one that attracts your attention, the cover pops to fill a quarter of the screen while a brief synopsis appears beside it. Click a buttons above the description: Want to read, reading now, have read, recommend, and share or choose nothing and return to the homepage to gander another book cover.

Starting your account is simple. Log in with facebook and answer five questions then you’re good to go. Riffle then asks for genres you’re interested in which may be your most important decision because what’s chosen determines which users you follow.  You’ll discover new books via network recommendations and your network is based upon what you like so pick your interests wisely. What are you reading now? What books do you like? What genres are you interested in? Welcome to Riffle!

Battle Royale

From the homepage you can star books you’re interested in, mark the books you’re reading, check books off you’ve read, and heart books to recommend them.  The Foundation Pit is a book I’ve announced to my friends that I’m interested in.

The Foundation Pit

After users star recommendations you’ve made it’ll build an influence score. Hopefully this reduces the probability you’ll be sifting through hundreds of covers before finding something you think is worth reading.

This site did give me a few problems. Three of the favorite books I listed upon starting my experience never appeared in my profile and later, when searching for books, the search bar did not accept the return command. That’s a major error, and it’s not clear where Riffle pulls novels’ information from.


But the best part of this site is your profile. Twenty one questions pair books with events in your life, like  What book keeps you awake at night? Otherwise the site is simply big, beautiful covers and that’s what we at Church Publishing like about it. Visual is not a term commonly attributed with literature and as technology continues to alter perception maybe the social media site will usher in a day when you really can judge a book by its cover…that is until a friend falls asleep with your favorite book under her bed lamp.

Church post riffle

Church Books Built on Storied Architecture by Design

Discover Church on the top shelf

When you find yourself surrounded by books eight feet high and climb the stairs only to hit a glass ceiling you know you’re working in publishing. They’ve stuck you in a room and locked the closet door but there must be a way out. There is, Church Publishing is hiring.

Ramsa sofa by Younes Duret

Ramsa sofa by Younes Duret

After spending this week curled up on the sofa working on the fifth edition of Cosmo Starlight’s Freedom Incorporated work is still not complete and I sometimes think Church is a made up story. Books have become our foundation but I can’t see any lying around because they’re all on the computer screen.  It’s almost as if our President has reallocated everything in print just to build his eHouse, sparing trees which could be more useful as his shelter. eLiterature proves reading is more economical and accessible online.

courtesy of

But, if only there were a way for people to see how many books Church Publishing has to choose from online, here it is!

courtesy of mother nature network

Believe it or not, our world was built on books. Everything you see, touch, eat, smell, learn about and repeat is in a book someplace. In fact, books have been used for hundreds of years to build society.

In the future books will exist but there won’t be as many per capita print editions per title. And at the current level of technological advancement trees are better off serving as bookshelves,

from Not Tom design studio

as desks,

at TU Delft architecture bibliotheek

or re-purposed as chairs.

Furniture made by Alvaro Tamarit posted on ‘Colossal,’ Art and Visual Ingenuity, Colossal

It scares some to think the world will no longer look like this,

at Shakespeare & Company

or like this,

but people aren’t turning books into trash.

Copyright: Alicia Martin, Biografias 2003. Casa de América, Palacio de Linares, Madrid. Foto: Mario Marquerie

Books aren’t on the chopping block.

made by Jane Dandy

Books are being displayed more cleanly.

design by Lu Chieh-Hua and Cheng Tzu-Hao

They’re being preserved behind glass to last a life time.

John Rylands Library courtesy of John Heskes’ photostream

In the future there will still be places you can find books shelved on walls so don’t freak when bookshelves aren’t traditionally constructed either.

Relax, and become an eBook person!