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After spending some time trying to create a shopping cart below our Facebook cover (some of the big publishers are lucky enough to have custom-made internship and imprint buttons) we’ve been checking out Riffle Books, a visual way to discover books via social media. In addition to attracting the eye using big pictures so books sell themselves by design, it has cool categories pushing people to read like 50 titles to read before I die or required reading for my ideal wife to buy.

You should never judge a book by its cover. But that’s not how readers get introduced to new titles on Riffle. Riffle Books is a social platform. Book covers enticing you to tear open their jackets are ones friends or book club buddies already ran through their hands and are recommending. As a social media platform, Riffle is like Goodreads, a service Church uses to connect with a large network of readers.

It’s a digital age and our attention span is getting short as the number of channels accessible by us is large. Visual perception is instantaneous, Riffle Books may be the new service that gets you to read your next book. That’s great for writers. Go ahead, try it out by clicking the image of Abraham Lincoln. But, before you do, Like Church Publishing’s new Facebook fan page so we can remain connected!

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