Church Books are Built on Storied Architecture by Design

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When you find yourself surrounded by books stacked eight feet high and climb the stairs only to hit a glass ceiling you know you’re working in publishing. They’ve stuck you in a room and locked the closet door but there must be a way out. Church Publishing is hiring.

Ramsa sofa by Younes Duret
Ramsa sofa by Younes Duret

Spending this week curled-up on the sofa working on the 5th Edition of Freedom Incorporated, work on Cosmo Starlight’s book is not complete and I think Church is a made up story. Books have become our foundation but I can’t see any lying around because they’re all on computer screens! It’s as if we’ve reallocated everything in print to build our publishing house, sparing trees which could be more useful as shelter. eLiterature proves reading is more economical and accessible online.

Colombian artist Miler Lagos

But, there had to be a better way for people to see how many books Church Publishing has to choose from than a picture of books online. Here it is!

Courtesy of Mother Nature Network

The importance of reading text cannot be overstated. Our world was built on books. Everything we see, touch, eat, smell, learn about, and repeat is in a book someplace. In fact, books have been used for hundreds of years to build our civilization.

In the future books will exist but there won’t be as many per capita print editions per title. And at the current level of technological advancement trees are better off serving readers as bookshelves,


as desks,

at TU Delft architecture bibliotheek

or re-purposed as chairs.

Furniture made by Alvaro Tamarit

It scares some to think the world will no longer look like this,

at Shakespeare & Company

or this,

but people aren’t turning books into trash.

©Alicia Martin, Biografias 2003. Casa de América, Palacio de Linares, Madrid. Foto: Mario Marquerie

Books aren’t on the chopping block.

made by Jane Dandy

Books are being displayed more cleanly today.

design by Lu Chieh-Hua and Cheng Tzu-Hao

They’re now preserved behind glass-screens like yours to last a lifetime, like this library attempted:

John Rylands Library courtesy of John Heskes’ photostream

In the future there will be places you can still find books on walls so relax,

and become an eBook person!