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Post-production of Do Not Mix with Alcohol began 18 months in advance of its coming release on April 5, 2016 and Church author Ethan Collins‘ next novel is available now for PRE-ORDER! Pre-ordered eBooks bought at Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo get delivered to eReading devices on their date of publication, anticipated April 5th, or money back- guaranteed! List Price $9.89, fans hoping to take advantage of its publisher’s offers may choose Special deals under the Interests menu and contact Church.

For fans of Ethan Collins who won’t wait until April for a copy of the author’s work his coming of age tale about a single father whose bravery leads him to be the victim of circumstance after good folks fail to stand-up to men relying on evil to get things done downloads from leading retailers including Amazon instantly.

The Diamond Party didn’t start Collins’ hobby, marginalizing his writing behind a busy flight schedule working as a pilot for a national air-carrier. In fact, Collins began his masterpiece Do Not Mix with Alcohol a decade before its publisher commissioned an oil painting of a girl’s irresponsibility to make postcards and posters for fans of this novel’s cover to enjoy.

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Do Not Mix with Alcohol explores marriage of appearance to reality and implications their union has on our identity. Novel character Mason Gardner’s engagement to girlfriend Aisha is symbolic of the union of appearance and reality but two can be – one partner deviates from their union in a fiery affair, exclaiming I exist. Collins’ masterpiece reinvigorates the modern existentialist movement.

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Church author Ethan Collins’ next eBook “Do Not Mix with Alcohol” is available for pre-order now! Order “Do Not Mix with Alcohol” ($9.89) and have that novel delivered to your eReader from iBooks, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo on April 5th or money back- guaranteed!