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Church Publishing Company’s mobile website designed specifically for mobile phones and devices having smaller displays to summarize its authors’ novels and point to their booksellers using LESS data has moved. ▲Church for mobile phones can now be viewed online at!

Church, The Television Show– web serial introducing title character Noodle Church portraying the hunt for Osama bin Laden leading to The Terrorist’s capture and his incarceration- has also moved! Church, The Television Show is now served from a new domain. Seven full-seasons and an incomplete eighth with five episodes can all be read for free only at

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Church, The Television Show synopsis

Church, The Television Show now reads out loud like an audio book for desktop computers using the Mozilla Firefox web-browser for free! To listen to Church, The Television Show like an audio book click on the the URL using Firefox then press “reader view” in the address bar and click “narrate.” Voila, the web-serial first published online September 11, 2011 has been transformed into your favorite free e-read!

DO NOT forget to update your desktop shortcuts and web-browsing bookmarks with these two new ▲Church URLs: and And if you really want to launch them from your desktop using a ▲ icon then follow instructions posted to the Downloads page under Public Relations.


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