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Audiobooks today require distinction from other audio sources as a way to relax and unwind, according to a consumer survey by Edison. In research compiled by the Audio Publishers Association, most audiobook listeners prefer to hear thrilling stories like Church, The Television Show, a partial eight-volume serial.
Noodle Church Lightning

Church, The Television Show is a text serial comprising of eight series seasons that can be heard free online. As an audiobook, its episodes characterize protagonist Noodle Church recruiting to fly helicopters for the U.S. Army ahead of his transformation to superhero when he gets placed inside a Mafia nightspot to unwittingly spy for The National Counter Terrorism Center as it tries to prevent the next big terrorist attack on American soil. Listen to Noodle Church trying to figure out what’s going on while his life is torn apart and he’s poisoned then left for dead, before being healed by aliens who turn his skin blue then lead Noodle and agents pursuing him on a wild chase to contain the Terrorist and end their war.
Serial Entertainment

In 2017 sales of audiobooks rose by 22.7%, cited in a PW article published to its website in 2018. Based upon reports made by 20 audiobook publishers, consumers paid $2.5 billion to listen audiobooks. Although 73% of listeners used a smartphone to enjoy hearing popular texts, Noodle Church fans can utilize any mobile devices like their Apple iPhone to listen to Church, The Television Show for free!

To hear Church, The Television Show for free, navigate to using Mozilla’s Firefox web-browser on your computer or smartphone. Pick an episode, or start with Season 1, Episode 1. Press “F9” on your keypad. Then click “Narrate” on the left-hand side of your screen and press “Start” to begin hearing this thrilling series absolutely free.
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