U.S. National Debt

Barack Hussein Obama borrowed about $10 trillion dollars to operate his U.S. Administration over eight years, 2008-2016. Barack Obama was the first President in U.S. history to borrow that much money. Excluding George W. Bush who responded to September 11, 2001 terror attacks, the second largest amount borrowed by a President was less than one-third. Democrat William Jefferson Clinton borrowed about $3 trillion dollars.

A problem is that $10 trillion dollars worth of U.S. currency does NOT exist. Disregarding U.S. Laws and international conventions it’s absolutely impossible to collect that much American cash at one time, according to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.

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▲Church Religion

In September of 2019 Church finally began advertising its own religion. Religion starts as Church administers its belief in law.

Church provides religion Three Domains of Law. According to its faith there are three laws to follow, Physical Law, Natural Law, and Social Law; Church followers obey substantial, life, and/or human order. Read about a fourth law Church considers possible at the Religion page written on Faith.

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Human Welfare

Benito Mussolini was Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Italy from 1922 to 1943. Italy wasn’t a modern Nation State until after Allied Powers, backed by The United States, World War II victory in 1945. Ironically, Mussolini’s rise to power was backed by British Forces starting 1917. In fact, his first defeat in 1919 is attributed to his attempt at more Socialism.

Global news media today widely cites human’s lack of welfare, social security. And news commentary attributes human welfare as the leading cause of an American immigration crisis. Though American’s response to Democratic regulation has been to increase public enforcers they owe as a result a record $22 trillion today.

Allied Powers, backed by The United States of America, victory is responsible for Benito Mussolini’s execution in 1945 but The British Directorate of Military Intelligence funded the deposed power enforced by The Volunteer Military for National Security. And since that victory it’s been harder to ensure the people’s financial security especially since September 11th, 2001 attacks resulted in The USA Patriot Act. America claims it can’t pay for its national security and Trump has borrowed nearly $1 trillion per year for socialist security since assuming The Oval Office. As a result Americans, and perhaps the rest of the world, have no other military to ensure human welfare.

U.S. Debt and GDP Ratio

In The United States, Americans’ public debt crisis is always in the future. Normally routine, as recently as eight years or two presidential terms ago Congress unprecedentedly debated raising the government’s ability to borrow, the debt ceiling. There was a debt ceiling debate eight years before that too, in 2003.

The next debt ceiling debate is now.

The debt ceiling is the total amount of national debt the U.S. can owe. Debt-to-GDP is the ratio between national debt and the total value of goods and services produced in one year. The ratio is supposedly useful. Economists claim it is an instrument to gauge solvency indicating whether or not a country is producing enough to make payments on its debts.

In February of this year CNBC reported U.S. National Debt hit $22 trillion. Although CNBC reports in the same article that U.S. debt rose to the ratio 103.6 percent of GDP when Obama left office, Fox news claims U.S. debt surpassed 100 percent of gross domestic product after the government’s debt ceiling was lifted in 2011. Closer analysis reveals GDP has kept pace.

But a country’s ability to repay debts depends on taxes, investor confidence (bond ratings), monetary policy (interest rates), Congress (law), and ROI (gains minus inflation). Several things could happen if it doesn’t payoff creditors, war (foreign held), inflation (reserve bank), and poverty (peoples’ social security). Though GDP grew significantly since 2010 from $14.53 trillion to $21.06 March 31, 2019 resulting in significantly NO CHANGE to the indicator, American public debt is actually misconceived.

If Americans’ debt crisis is in the future then how does a public debt-to-GDP ratio increasing from 104% to 121% affect time?

Americans’ ability to repay costs associated with their election of public goods largely depends on their income after sustenance, net income, at times including food, shelter, clothing, heat, education, and transportation. Americans reside in U.S. states subdivided into municipalities that provide public services like police, fire, and roads. U.S. state and local deficits contribute to American public debt while goods and services Americans produce are included in GDP. U.S. state and local debt was $3.11 trillion in 2019. Thus, Americans debt-to-GDP ratio is 121%.

Eight years since the last Congressional debt ceiling debate of 2011, it’s time again in 2019 to debate how much Americans can repay.

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