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Leading up to the release of novel “Do Not Mix with Alcohol” on April 20th, 2017 ▲Church will be promoting author Ethan Collins‘ work by revealing chapters that can be read free!

Told by recollections of burned-on-the-job firefighter Mason Garnière, Do Not Mix with Alcohol explores the marriage of appearance to reality and implications their union has our on perceived existences.

In chapter one firefighter Mason Garnière has been called to the scene of a fire in the early morning hours of a cold, wintry day.  After conducting search and rescue operations it’s learned the dwelling contains one unresponsive body.  While first responders try resuscitating the occupant Garnière looks on through a window in the garage and it’s the first time readers discover how closely he lives to death.  Click on the cover to start reading chapter one of Do Not Mix with Alcohol immediately!

Do Not Mix with Alcohol by Collins

Do Not Mix with Alcohol by Ethan Collins ISBN# 978 13 70465 61 3

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Author Ethan Collins Promotion

In anticipation of author Ethan Collins’ next novel being released April 2oth, 2017 the price of his first book published at ▲Church has been REDUCED!

To promote the release of Do Not Mix with Alcohol Ethan Collins’ first book has a new price.  Purchase Ethan Collins’ The Diamond Party now for only $4.89.  That’s a $5.00 savings!

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The Diamond Party by Ethan Collins

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Do Not Mix with Alcohol by Collins

Do Not Mix with Alcohol

Ethan Collins’ Do Not Mix with Alcohol is now scheduled to be released 4/20/17 and it’s currently available for pre-order!!!

Determination of Appeal Review

On March 9, 2015 ▲Church appealed adverse determination by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis denying access to information pertaining to Pursuit Lead Cables.  ▲Church appealed this decision to the Associate General Counsel of Homeland Security.

▲Church learned the Department of Homeland Security issued Pursuit Lead Cables while conducting its research for White Paper on Security.  After telephoning the Department of Homeland Security, on August 11, 2014 ▲Church filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking documents on Pursuit Lead Cables.  Seeking answers about the procedure, filing an FOIA request, and speculating constitutionality of the practice, ▲Church finally received a response from the Office of Intelligence and Analysis on January 13, 2015 claiming the documents were exempt in the interest of national intelligence.

With no information about Pursuit Lead Cables appearing anywhere else, ▲Church appealed the Office of Intelligence and Analysis’ final response.  His first day in Office President Obama issued a memorandum stating Freedom of Information Act requests should be handled with a clear presumption in the face of doubt openness prevails.  However I&A’s determination of 2014-IAFO-0246 was affirmed because these documents are classified.

FOIA APPEAL Number: 2015-HQAP-00091

Determination of Appeal, FOIA 2015-HQAP-00091 (page 2)

FOIA APPEAL Number: 2015-HQAP-00091

Determination of Appeal, FOIA 2015-HQAP-00091 (page 1)

Acting on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security General Counsel, as the result of a memorandum of agreement, the United States Coast Guard rendered a decision on FOIA Appeal 2015-HQAP-00091.  The Office of the Administrative Law Judge decided documents including Pursuit Lead Cable were classified and therefore Homeland Security’s decision to withhold the records from requesters has been affirmed in a two-paged letter (link to page two).

Pursuant 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(4)(B) the only recourse is to file a complaint in U.S. District Court for relief from Homeland Security requesting it release agency records.

▲Church’s appeal to the Associate General Counsel of Homeland Security for records pertaining to Cable was determined by the U.S. Coastguard Chief Administrative Law Judge, and Intelligence and Analysis’ decision to deny these documents from Freedom of Information Act disclosure was upheld in a letter dated July 28, 2016.

Obama Directs “Sunshine”

On his first day in Office President Barack Hussein Obama directed the U.S. Attorney General to issue new guidelines for heads of Executive Departments and Agencies governing 5 U.S.C. 552, The Freedom of Information Act. Barack Hussein Obama reaffirmed a commitment to public accountability and transparency before ruling The United States. And Americans believed this President’s rhetorical serenade.

Consent in a constitutional democracy to be governed is not meaningful, a 110th Congress of The United States found, unless it is informed. President Obama adopted a presumption in favor of disclosing information so Americans could understand administration of their so-called self-government headed by a popular sovereign.

Though U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black wrote in 1959 leading enactment of the Freedom of Information Act, “The effective functioning of a free government like ours depends largely on the force of an informed public (which) calls for the widest possible understanding” of its practices, fifty years later Barack Obama noted his “presumption of disclosure” would “usher in a new era of open government.”  Barack Obama committed all federal agencies to principles embodied by The Freedom of Information Act: transparency, participation, and collaboration form the cornerstone of open-government, promote accountability, and provide information about what Government is doing. Continue reading

Fund U.S. District Court Complaint on Homeland

In order to raise fees due in District Court to file a complaint for relief from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Church Publishing has created a new fund where donations are deposited in a reference account earmarked to pay for filing, process service, and materials here.

Donate anywhere from $10 to 200 dollars.  This remittance stub contains a window advocates key-in any donation amounts before entering their credit and billing information.  Church is considering coding a page for this website listing collections and expenditure.  Transfer funds now, or continue reading a detailed history of this case against Homeland Security.

Church Publishing filed a formal Freedom of Information Act request to The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis August 11, 2014.  Twenty days later this request was acknowledge and assigned identifier 2014-IAFO-0246. Continue reading

Preorder Do Not Mix w/ Alcohol

Post-production of Do Not Mix with Alcohol began 18 months advance its publication coming 5 April 2016 yet ▲Church author Ethan Collins‘ next novel is now available for PRE-ORDER! Pre-ordered eBook copies paid at Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo today get delivered to eReading devices on its date of publication, anticipated to be this April 5th, or money back guaranteed! List Price $9.89, fans hoping to take advantage of the publisher’s special offers may choose Rewards under menu Interests upon contacting Church.

For any fan of Ethan Collins who won’t wait until April for a copy of this author’s work, his coming of age tale about a single father whose bravery leads him to be the victim of circumstance after good folks fail to stand-up to a society relying on evil to get things done published March 31, 2013 downloads from leading retailers including Amazon instantly.

The Diamond Party didn’t start Collins’, who marginalized writing behind a busy flight schedule working as a pilot for a national air-carrier, hobby. He began masterpiece Do Not Mix with Alcohol a decade before its publisher commissioned an oil painting of a seductive girl’s irresponsible allure to make postcards and posters for fans of this novel’s cover to enjoy.

Do Not Mix with Alcohol explores marriage of appearance to reality and implications their union has on our identity. Novel character Mason Gardner’s engagement to girlfriend Aisha is symbolic of appearance’s union to reality but two can be alone- and one partner deviates in a fiery affair exclaiming I exist. Collins’ masterpiece reinvigorates modern existentialist movements.

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“Freedom Afrika” Preview, Instant-Download, and MSRP

Since 2015 August “Freedom Afrika” by Cosmo Starlight was being previewed at leading eBook retailers iBooks, B&N, and Kobo for special pre-order price $3.89 through 26 December 2015.

▲Church Publishing is notifying fans of the author special pre-order pricing for this epic 450-page novel ended on its publication following Christmas. “Freedom Afrika” now downloads immediately after purchase from eTailers at its manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) $14.89. The second edition publication includes original, hand-drawn artwork that became a ▲Church mark: colored-pencil and black-ink.

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Previewable for over four months, Freedom Afrika was published 26 December 2015. Instead of a pre-order to be delivered by email its date of publication, Freedom Afrika now downloads instantaneously. Pre-sale pricing has expired and the novel lists for $14.89.

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