DNMwA Chapter Two

The novel “Do Not Mix with Alcohol” will be released on April 20th, 2017.  Diehard fans of Ethan Collins are excited to read chapter two of the author’s upcoming novel now can be previewed alongside chapter one and read for free! Mason and Aisha are about to get married.  And then they’re separated.  But maybe […]

Chapter Reveal

Leading up to the release of novel “Do Not Mix with Alcohol” on April 20th, 2017 ▲Church will be promoting author Ethan Collins‘ work by revealing chapters that can be read free! Told by recollections of burned-on-the-job firefighter Mason Garnière, Do Not Mix with Alcohol explores the marriage of appearance to reality and implications their […]

Author Ethan Collins Promotion

In anticipation of author Ethan Collins’ next novel being released April 2oth, 2017 the price of his first book published at ▲Church has been REDUCED! To promote the release of Do Not Mix with Alcohol Ethan Collins’ first book has a new price.  Purchase Ethan Collins’ The Diamond Party now for only $4.89.  That’s a $5.00 […]

▲Church Bookstore

Church has announcements celebrating great work done this summer. In time for students’ return to their favorite colleges Church Publishing launched its new bookstore. Locating the first storefront at church-publishing.com/store, in addition to literature this shop carries posters and stickers too! Blue and gold triangle stickers printed on vinyl coated paper with an adhesive backing look perfect on eReaders, computer […]

Church for Public Libraries

Church Publishing currently has books available for eBorrowing through the library networks including: Visit your nearest branch to request any book by Church Publishing so librarians can order your favorite title for loan to patrons at an extraordinarily affordable cost to the city or town fans reside in. Or find your local library’s electronic request form […]

Pleased to Announce!

It’s been a busy September here at Church Publishing. Foremost, ▲Church would like to announce a most recent collaboration with fine artist Ruby McMenemy-Taylor of Scotland to complete a project designed for author Ethan Collins to be disclosed.

The Diamond Party

After Brandi Monroe, a soon to be freshman at Goodtown High, goes missing during an end-of-summer beach party friends suspect she’s swimming. But Brandi Monroe’s body is discovered the next morning drowned in the ocean and David Miller, a single father trying to raise two teenage children since his wife Mary died of cancer, realizes […]