Senior IT – Development

▲Church seeks an expert computer technologist to fill a rewarding senior level position at the company.

Church’s IT position spans computer science segments in skill, experience, and functions satisfied by specialists. Successful IT could become a powerful position at the company; agile command of computer technologies is paramount.

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Writing on the Walls

This week Church Publishing has been reading about Ryōtarō Shiba, a Japanese author, between editing one of our favorite novels, Freedom Incorporated by Cosmo Starlight, in preparation for its 5th Edition release. In it Freedom is a massive low-security work camp without borders. Instead of describing the prison, what it looks like, how the system works, or the way it feels to live in Freedom Inc., Cosmo Starlight writes how after being followed one prisoner realizes where he was born is not the place chartered.

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Church is a Riffle Books fan

Church Publishing has a new Facebook page. Visit and like our like our fan page!

After spending some time trying to create a shopping cart below our Facebook cover (some of the big publishers are lucky enough to have custom-made internship and imprint buttons) we’ve been checking out Riffle Books, a visual way to discover books via social media. In addition to attracting the eye using big pictures so books sell themselves by design, it has cool categories pushing people to read like 50 titles to read before I die or required reading for my ideal wife to buy.

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